New Boots

I got new boots!

New boots

I’m the type of person that finds something I love, becomes attached and then nothing else can substitute. For example, after my accident and it was time to get a some new slippers for women, I went everywhere trying out all sorts of replacements. I even bought one or two but then returned them because they just were not right.
Ol' dirt road and the best bike in the world
I just wanted MY bike back. People told me I needed to get over it. I refused and searched high and low for a long time, going to garage sales and bike auctions, until I found my old bike, not once but twice on ebay and craigslist. I now have a back up if something were to happen to the one I ride now. It’s a lot of work for a walmart purchased Huffy brand from the 90s. But that is how attached I get to things.

I have a favorite pair of work boots like this, ones which have safety steel toes. I bought them in the 90s as well, discounted 50% off their original $70 price at a shoe store in Northern Illionis. They were trying to get rid of them by marketing them as “Halloween Boots”. They had that thick heel and wide toe that was so similar and popular to Dr Martens during the grunge era, but without the annoying amber sole and gold threads. They were solid black. Well…

My boots.

Until I wore them all winter and they became so warn and loved. Like the velveteen rabbit. I sometimes I would stain and polish them black again but friends said they looked better all scuffed up. I photographed them a lot and even painted them too.

striped socks and boots
Someone out there owns this painting now, purchased through an artomat :)

Sadly, the sole on both boots have cracked halfway between the toe and the heel. For years now I’ve worn them ruggedly and dealt with damp feet while I hunted for replacements. I would be willing to spend $150 for boots that I know fit all my criteria and would last. But there’s always something weird: funky fabric on the cuff facing out, narrow toe, or weird design printed on them. A few times I’ve found “THE PERFECT BOOTS” only to look at the price tag and realize that they cost $400 or more. Plain, simple boots are apparently only for the rich. I remember one time shopping with my grandma. She wanted a plain white button up, standard collared blouse. We went everywhere and every single white blouse either had some stupid pattern to the white fabric, bizarre collar, embellishments, or whatever. Why is that clothing and apparel designers can’t just leave good enough alone? Why must they gussy up everything?

Today I was walking through Target and just decided to check out the men’s shoes and found the closest I’ve come to exactly what I am looking for in boots. They are just from Target and probably all sorts of cheap and crappy fake leather that will fall apart after one harsh Chicago winter, but they will do for now. After trying them on I had a moment of hesitation. I was prematurely exhausted by the new-ness of them and how much time it would take for the ankle and insteps to soften. My old boots are so warn in that slipping in and out of them in a heartbeat is no problem. These new ones on the other hand will take a couple of minutes to get into.

I’m keeping them, but think I will finally make a call to a shoe repair place and see what they can do for my old boots. I’m hoping they might be able to magically seal the cracks back up without having to resole them.


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3 thoughts on “New Boots

  1. When I find something I LOVE, I wish I could purchase 5 of the same item so that I could have a life long supply. Isn’t it great to know what you love and what works just for you? Looking forward to seeing where your new boots take you…

  2. it always bugs me when I find an item of clothing/shoes that I LOVE but it has some weird detail. Of course the designers and manufacturers do that because if you actually had a nice, good quality, plain white shirt you loved, you probably wouldn’t come back and buy another one because it would never go out of style. ;)

  3. Great boots! I admire your determination in finding what you want (and also trying to fix what you have). We’re always told how we live in such a disposable culture, but I think there are more of you (and me) than is reported – people who like good quality things that last.

    It’s always such a bummer when a favorite something breaks or (like lipstick!) is discontinued. I lost my sunglasses in Ann Arbor in October and I was so sad (I actually cried when I realized I’d lost them to the complete mystification of my better half). Haven’t been able to find anything that comes close. But you’ve encouraged me to keep looking!

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