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#adventureandhappiness about to be up on the blog in a few minutes

So, I have this pin that I’ve mentioned, oh, only about a bobajillion times on my blog. I NEVER wear it for fear that I will break it or lose it. You see, it was a gift to my friend Nikki and my friend Tom gave it back to me after she passed away. The other day I had an idea to make a shrinky dink version so that I could actually wear it. While making the pin I suddenly remembered that I had actually embellished a cardigan as well, inspired by the pin. I haven’t seen it for a while so now I have to hunt for it.

11.6 Adventure & Happiness

I like the idea of having the two words on separate banners, as I did on the cardigan as well. You can see the original pin in the picture above.

Adventure & Happiness robayre

BIIIIG, pre-shrunkie dunked!

Adventure & Happiness robayre

And then fresh out of the oven. I glued some pin backs on each piece and put one on each collar of my jean jacket.

#adventureandhappiness about to be up on the blog in a few minutes

This afternoon while checking out Instagram my friend Rosa shared a picture of a necklace she just made. I’m not sure if it is, but it looks like it is shrinky dink and also a banner.

I couldn’t believe it. What are the chances? I had to message her right away. We are often on the same bizarro wavelength.

Follow Rosa on Instagram, she’s the coolest.



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