My Favorite Pins

My top 10 favorite Pins from the last month. Click on the picture to go to the pin.


Packing Tape Postcard, By AngryChicken


These adorable maryjanes by Alegria Dayna


Mug shelf by Erica Mulherin We’ve been needing a solution to our growing mug collection


Crocheted flower bouquet by Maize Hutton Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the flowers were crocheted by friends and family of the bride and groom?


Don’t Tell Me To Smile shirt by hannahisawful This shirt reminded me of when I used to work as the overnight audit clerk at a hotel. My shift didn’t begin until 11 p.m. so the people who were checking in that late or needing help with the front desk can often be a “certain type”. I realized if I smiled, it encouraged them and they would want to talk forever.  I really had other things to do… like sit on the computer in the back office and not chat with drunk folks, haha, you thought I was going to say work. I decided I would purposefully not smile. I would not smile, but it wasn’t like I was replacing that with a grimace, I would just try to keep a pretty blank face. I would ALWAYS get “you should smile more”, which would then inevitably make me laugh which would then accompany a smile and then encourage the drunks even more. It wasn’t a great plan.


Lesson about Compliance by Summer Pierre


Chandelier Tree via Booooooom


Kitty eared straw hat on ebay, via Krissy Diggs


crocheted flowers by caughtonawhim


Gelli Arts Printing by Journal Girl


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One thought on “My Favorite Pins

  1. When I was in China, I saw several kitty eared hats on children and women! I was tempted to buy one but wondered how I’d get it home safely.

    Loved the chandelier tree video!

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