Gnome Mantel

7.3.13 mantle

Just popping in to share the current mantel. I’ve had it up for month and it’s about time for a change so I wanted to document it here before dis(mantel)-ing it (ha!)


This mantel has a gnome/woodland/terrarium theme. I have a lot of gnomes. A lot. One time when I lived on my own I was getting a mattress delivered and there were two delivery guys. It’s been a while, but the story goes something like this. They were obviously not just coworkers but friends as well. Guy A noticed a gnome statue in my apartment and said “Hey, you like gnomes?” and pointed it out and I said “yep”. He went on to explain to me that Guy B also like gnomes and Guy B agreed. Then Guy A saw my Gnome book and said “Hey, Guy B has that same book!” and at that point Guy B got a bit embarrassed. They kept maneuvering the mattress through the apartment and Guy started noticing more and more gnomes. “Wow, you REALLY like gnomes!” and I said “yep” and at that point I think Guy B got a little weirded out and didn’t want to be associated with this crazy gnome lady, and just wanted to get the heck out of my apartment.

halloween 2009

Yep, I take it to extremes. I’ve even dressed up as a gnome for several years at Halloween.

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  1. You have the gnome book! I have the gnome book! I don’t actually own any gnomes, but come to think of it, it’s weird that I don’t. I did spend the better part of a summer in Germany walking around my grandmother’s village documenting the gnomes I saw in her neighbors’ gardens. There were a lot. yay gnomes!

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