SOFA 2012

Last Friday I got to take the day off work to go with my friend Bethany and her high school ceramics students to the SOFA exhibit at Navy Pier in Chicago. It has been a few years since I’ve been to SOFA and I was wanting to go, so it was perfect that she invited me. Plus, day off from work, oh yeah!

SOFA was brilliant as usual. Unfortunately I was a bit distracted by the schedule and the wrangling of students that I left without buying the catalog. Also, I am kicking myself because although Bethany was writing down artists and gallery names to look up later, I didn’t.  So now with no catalog and no names I have all these art pieces floating in my head and no artist to attach them to.

It was also really interesting to ride a school bus for the first time in more than a decade or more. I mean, I know we were taking a bus but I really hadn’t pictured a big yellow school bus. Does it show I’m spoiled or what, but I thought we’d be taking a coach-type bus or something. I had a bit of a feeling like Principal Rooney riding the school bus with all these kids around me. “One of these things is not like the others.” Also, High school kids are so stylish. Granted these were all art students so it might not have been an accurate representation across the board, but woah! I wanted to go home and throw away my entire wordrobe and start from scratch. Really, it just went to show how out of touch I am with fashion. I thought to myself that it was good that I don’t have to work in that kind of environment because I know those feelings of comparing myself to others that I had in high school would creep in again.

Afterward Bethany and I went to pick up her kiddies and went out to dinner and just to talk and hangout. It was a great day. I wish all Fridays could be as sweet. Have I mentioned how I miss my Fridays off? Maybe once, twice?


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  1. Exciting that you got to SOFA. We’ve never been but every year our friend B, who lives in Chicago, get the catalog and sends it to us. Lucky us. I posted a response about the Books for Soldiers stuff – I send more than books. Snacks, DVDs, playing cards, etc. anything that would be a treat!

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