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Matt’s parents just bought a new DSLR so they are giving us their old one. This is a picture Matt took with the new-to-us camera.

Mini Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest
(photo by Nataloons on Flickr)
I may, or may not have gone on a toy shopping binge after reading this post by Silvia Chenault. Come on, The Lalaloopsy above comes with a little gnome! How could I resist?

Recently, Katie shared this corner of her home on instagram, featuring one of my original pieces of art. It is so exciting and thrilling to see photos like this.

2.4 postcard
This mail postcard recently arrived in my P.O. Box from Miss Thundercat. The funny story is that I was enjoying my flickr contact’s photos when I was stopped cold by this piece. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to find that she actually made it for me! I love it so much.

Doc on the phone
Recently, Doc, my 23 month old nephew has taken to calling me Bunny. I hope he never grows out of it. Here he is above, talking on the “phone” to me.

I got this for Christmas. Yeah, a coin capsule machine. I’ve been only wanting one forever, probably since I was a little kid crying for quarters at the grocery store.

In January my sisters and I had a pinterest party at my place. We each picked a recipes from our food/cooking boards. Chris picked white enchiladas, Dacia picked crock pot hot chocolate, and I picked cheez its/goldfish crackers. Everything was so delicious and now after revisiting this, I want to make some more crackers. So delicious!

Today I am anxiously awaiting an overnight package coming from California for an Etsy project I’ll be working on over the weekend. I’ll be overnighting it back on Monday. Do you have any big plans for the weekend?


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