Day One – Galaxy Zipper Pouch

Day One.

For my first creation of the month I made this zipper pouch for my sister. It’s actually part of her very belated birthday present (her birthday’s in May). Earlier this year our Aunt (hi Aunt Susan!) took us to a fabulous quilt shop (Quilter’s Heaven) where they had several amazing fabrics that looked like outer space. I bought a couple and my sister said. “Great, you can make me something with that.” The only thing is, I’m not sure if it was this space fabric or another one that I bought, so I might be making another zipper pouch soon. That will be perfectly fine, because I’ll just add the other one to my etsy shop.

I bought the orange zipper specifically for my sister because that is her favorite color and I thought would be a perfect contrast to the navy blue, as well as bring out the small touches of orange that already exist in the fabric. When I was done I felt like it still needed something so I made three fabric buttons to go on the front. Now I think it looks pretty rad.

Oh, and as usual, I used this tutorial, on skiptomylou, to make the pouch. I really should print that pattern out, because God forbid if it were to ever be taken down, I’d be lost without it. It’s such a simple concept, but every time I make a zippered pouch I have to look it up and make sure I’m doing it correct, step by step.


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