Day Twenty-Two – CD and Fabric Paper

Today for Thing-A-Day I finished a mix CD I’ve been working on, tweaking and refining for a long time. I burned the first copy and listened to it to make sure there were no skips and the music all flowed properly from song to song. I am still brainstorming for ideas on the album artwork. I sat down at my drawing table to begin working on the artwork when I remembered a post I saw earlier today.

I saw this tutorial post on iHanna’s blog about making fabric paper and it seemed like fun.

The first one I made I really liked, but then I wanted to “tint” it and added some acrylic paints and I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome. That is more than a light tint, wouldn’t you say? I wanted it to be light yellow with “barely there” touches of green and orange, and instead it became red and green. Go figure.

I had fun though, so I decided to do another one. This one (all the more “white” images above) I left alone. I chose more neutral colored paper bits and I think I might come back over it later with a very watered down wash of white.

What will I end up doing with these? Who knows, but I thought I might scan them in and do some digital work over it for the album artwork.


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3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Two – CD and Fabric Paper

  1. wow! your cloth paper is beautiful, with all that white. I think you will be able to use the green one too, maybe in little chunks! :-) So glad I inspired you, your creations inspire me all the time!

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