Day 10 – Buttons

Today I made all sorts of fabric covered pinback buttons for thing-a-day. Just for fun, I will send a button to the first three people who leave a comment here and tell me which button they like best.

I woke up this morning to my bed shaking. I laid there while I wondered what was going on, turned over and watched the rattling windows then contemplated if I should run to the doorway, the bathroom or downstairs. Decided to just lay there. After everything stopped shaking I went downstairs to see if we had an earthquake. At first I couldn’t find anything, but as I refreshed the pages then it finally popped up. Sure enough, we had a 3.8 earthquake which very close to my city. On the radio this morning they were talking to some “expert of something or other” and she put it this way: “As long as it’s just a small earthquake and no damage was done, the result is just a little bit of excitement.” I was sad because Matt was playing video games late last night and ended up falling asleep on the couch in the basement. He’s a deep sleeper so he missed the whole thing. If he had been in bed you better believe I would have woken him up.  Today the most frequently heard thing was “It sounded like a snow plow ran into the house”.

Okay, off to bed.


Hi, I'm Robyn and I was Hatched from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Graphic Designer by day, Maker of things by night. I have worked as a graphic artist professionally since I was 16 years old. Went on to get my Bachelors of Art from NIU. I like to share my Artwork online at and on my own personal website I also have an online shop where you can find more of my "crafty" sorts of things, as well as a random piece of artwork here and there. Oh, and I'm also an occasional contributor to Artomat (

6 thoughts on “Day 10 – Buttons

  1. earthquakes always make me nervous! i experienced quite a few when i lived in japan and for days afterward i’d always imagine the room was shaking.

    the gnomes are my favorite, but they’re all such lovely buttons! mushrooms and stripes tie for second.

  2. The earthquake woke me and my husband up as well. Very strange feeling, yet we knew right away what it was. (But you’re right, it did sound like a snow plow crashing!)

    I love the goldfishes the best. :-)

  3. I remember waking up to my first earthquake when we were in China. I was pretty young and we lived on the 4th floor of a dorm-type building. There were huge windows in my room and I remember groggily waking to a sound that sounded exactly like someone trying to pound a nail into the glass. Which is what I thought it must be and I remember thinking WHY someone was trying to do this and WHY at this hour. Then I finally woke and realized the whole room was shaking. I stopped abruptly after I woke. My mom had been in our living room when it started and saw the security chain lock (like in some hotels) start to swing on the door. She ducked under the table and waited. Suddenly, she remembered her coffee was on the table. She jumped up and got it and continued drinking it as the earthquake finished.

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