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Circle Journey books are a fabulously designed product with a great idea behind them. It’s a journal that you correspond with friends, family, etc., through and send back and forth through the mail. I’m not sure where they can be found anymore, but they used to carry them at Borders’ stores. The books are small and have envelopes and folders so that you book can contain lots of memorabilia. I love mail and these books are like having all your letters back and forth bound in one book. After the books are full, I’ll scan and print them in their entirety for each person I was corresponding with.

Here is a scan from one of the circle journey books that I keep with friends. The picture is way old and unfortunately, many, many pounds ago for me.

Funny enough, I had not thought of these circle journey books in years and years and then got the idea to start a new one with a friend and the very next day this particular book was passed back to me. I love how life works like that.

This week has been a doosey. We noticed Tuesday night that Bishop had vomited a couple times, which for cats is not big deal. But when we went to feed him his evening portion he didn’t ravish it immediately and that is very unusual for this hungry kitty with a hearty appetite. Then over the span of the next few hours we uncovered more places he had gotten sick and then continued throwing up for a total of 10 times that day. We decided to take him into the vet, and long story short, he had swallowed something that he shouldn’t have. Yeah, typical cat story I know. And because it seems that every cat owner has a typical story I wasn’t too panicked, unfortunately, he ended up having to have surgery because whatever he had eaten was already in his intestines.

He’s back now and being super affectionate and purry. The funny thing to me about the whole incident is that Bishop apparently got an “agressive kitty” status on his folder at the vet. They had to put him in some gas chamber to subdue him, he apparently got some good shots in at the vet and matt also got gashed while trying to help.

Oh yeah, so what did he eat? Turns out Bishop has a taste for styrofoam. People who know me will find this pretty funny because I also have a passion for styrofoam, but only the hatred kind. I can’t touch or be near the stuff when it’s being pulled out of a box. Just the idea of styrofoam rubbing together makes my skin crawl. We found this styrofoam box in the basement that he had gnawed the edges off. Even funnier, when we brought him home after surgery, first thing he did was walk over to a foam sled and started trying to bite it. The cat just can’t get enough of the stuff.


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5 thoughts on “circle journey

  1. I have been doing a circle journey journal with one of my best friends since high school, its been going for 10 years now! (The last round she sent me was for my birthday right after I had my baby.) As a result its a very interesting chronicle of our growing up as it goes from us being high school kids to living on our own and getting married and then having our children.
    I really need to send it back to her. (And I bought another one a couple of years ago that’s waiting in the wings for this one to be finished.) I’m so glad to find someone else who knows about them!

  2. so it wasn’t glue after all, I’m glad he’s doing better!
    And what a great idea! Circle Journaling! sounds AWESOME, a package of awesomeness, I would say. Also, It’s really sweet of you to scan and print them all to give to all the friends you corresponded with!

  3. you and bishop were meant to be together…you are on the opposite end of the styrofoam spectrum. you have always hated that sound…even dry snow sounds like styrofoam to you. strange about that though…stupid kitty. i wonder what it tasted like? eww. makes me gag.

  4. Where can i find another one??!! my dad and i were keeping one and now we can’t find a new one for this year! help!!!!!!

  5. I think they have gone out of business. Their website is no longer up, Amazon no longer carries them, and I can find nothing about them online (other than this blog that I stumbled upon). I am so bummed, because I have had Circle Journey books going with a friend for over 10 years.

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