This American Life Live Event 2009

Last night I was able to redeem myself after last weeks failed attempt to see Grey Gardens in the theater. I was able to get tickets to see the This American Life live event which was broadcast via satellite to theaters across the nation.

It was a great show, of course, and there were many things I wanted to note and remember from it. I laughed, and cried, just as I do when I listen to the radio show (often at work, and need to hide my tears in case a coworker were to see me).

Starlee Kine looked almost nothing like I imagined her. She is definitely one of my favorite contributors to the radio show, I love each and every one of her segments. I pictured her being tiny, as she was, but I also always pictured her with dark, very curly, huge hair. Instead she is a blonde with straight hair. I love her voice of course. It is very distinctive, and SO NOT a standard radio voice, that it actually makes for a really GREAT radio voice. She has this great talent for telling stories and I would totally want to be friends with her in real life. I love story tellers, but have no gift for that myself. My stories are always the kind that I need to end with “and then I found five dollars”.

I was in awe of last nights contributors and not only their ability to compose and present such great stories, but to also be part of this amazing thing that This American Life has become.  As we left the theater I thought of something my mom said years and years ago that has always stuck with me. She told me that when she was a student herself, kids of her generation had big dreams. They all really wanted to leave their mark on the world and create something much bigger than themselves. They wanted to write the next great american novel, invent cures and save lives, or compose music of their generation.  It wasn’t about fame, wealth or notoriety, (which seems to be the focus of today) they wanted to touch other people’s lives.

I know a great thing when it inspires me to want to be better and shoot for the sky. This American Life is one of those things that makes me want to leave something behind that is greater than I am.

If you missed the live event and are interested in still seeing it (the radio version will air in a couple weeks) you still have an opportunity to see the entire 90 minute show in select theaters on May 3rd, check here for details.


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