Homemade Ecosphere

Today’s inspiration came to me from a gift guide I saw before Christmas. It featured an ecosphere from brookstones and I’ve been thinking how I want to get one. In high school my siblings and I bought one for my dad (a science enthusiast) from Natural Wonders (remember those stores they used to have at all the malls?). Anyway, today I was just thinking again about how I want one of those biospheres again and then the idea occurred to me just to make one. After a bit of research I found these cool sites and videos on making your own.

Here is a cool video by the awesome Bre Pettis (love the guy) from make and etsy.

And a couple articles that have more images and videos on making your own ecosphere here and here.

Only problem now is the foot of snow on the ground. I won’t be finding any brine shrimp, snails or algae anytime soon. I’ll have to add it to my list of things to do in 2009.


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One thought on “Homemade Ecosphere

  1. You could purchase Sea Monkies from American Science and Surplus instead of the brine shrimp and algae is sold in pet shops for fish to eat. Snails? Well… that one I can’t help you with. Maybe Al has some in with his fish.

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