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One of the things I was wanting to work on when I should have been focusing on the show was staple books.
I could put them together real quick at work using our quartered down recycled scratch paper. I actually first started making these back in the day when I worked at the newspaper and of course we had a ton of scratch paper there as well. The boss would come in and say “less chat, ladies” and so we grew to passing notes. Yeah, I know, pretty childish, but it worked. So, my notes would often contain little scribbles and drawings and so I would staple the pages together to make little books so I wouldn’t lose the pages. Somewhere I have kept a bunch of them from back then.

Fast forward to the recent past. I would be at work and realize I need to write a to do list, but wouldn’t have my sketch book or journal with me. One sheet of paper is easily lost, but staple a bunch together and you have a little book and much more easily kept and found.

I needed to write lists or notes to self so I made some staple books and next thing I knew, it was all I wanted to do. It’s just scratch paper so there isn’t this huge pressure to make it beautiful.

Make one, it’s fun, I guarantee :)


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  1. hee hee, we are doing staple books in discovery photo, (freshman level)… they love it! We use Dan Eldon as on of our inspirations…

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