Faux Tuesday

Bishop 6.28.08, originally uploaded by robayre.

I woke up this morning all stressed and anxious. There was no reason other than: It’s Monday, AND our perfect kitty who had been sleeping on the floor and leaving us alone at night has become a restless kitty who can only sleep when he is lying on top of me. I’m a super light sleeper who tosses and turns often through the night, so having a small kitten on the bed that must sleep on me makes me worried all night that I am going to roll over on him. At one point last night I woke up without the kitten on me and figured he must be on or next to matt so I rolled over only to have Bishop squirming from underneath me. Yep, I already rolled over on top of him.
So, as I was saying, all of this made me awake feeling unrested, on edge and a stomach full of acid. I tell myself it is ridiculous to let something so insignificant get to me. I need stress management. Actually, I know what I need, and when I get to feeling stressed like this it is usually an indication that I am not getting enough exercise, which is absolutely true.
Fast forward a few hours and I’ve managed to destress. I played this song a few times and it has helped.

(I’ll have to come back and embed this file properly later when I have a moment)
I just discovered it, but it must have been a free itunes download, from who knows how long ago. Note to self; check out Brett Dennen.
Another thing that helped is realizing that this Friday is the Fourth of July and so it will be a short workweek and a longer weekend. I shouldn’t shed my case of the Mondays, hallelujah, it’s actually Faux Tuesday!
One last thing I’d like to share and that is that this weekend when I was semi catching up on all my neglected blogreading I found this list for Truly Living on Cris Carr’s blog ( http://crazysexycancer.blogspot.com/2008/06/goodbye-friend-child-teacher.html)
It just seemed appropriate after watching The Bucket List last week.

1. Telling people you love them even though there is so much poison that you think you hate them. Once you say it you burst open with white joy and then you miss the time lost in the negative.

2. Doing things that make you really scared but really exhilarated.

3. Muting the voice in your head that is always worried, always tentative, always keeping you in the land of stuck. “Fuck it”. “Just do it”. GO.

4. Saying no to people who only take.

5. Saying yes to people who give you as much as you give them.

6. Opening your heart so wide that you touch a space that is unknown, uncomfortable and exposed. Staying in that space. Holding it. Holding it. Ahhhh.

7. Turning addictions into accomplishments. Nothing has you in it’s grips. You are the grips.

8. Service to God/Goddess. Everything else will fall into place.

9. Sacred sweat, lots of it. Dance till you bleed. Laughing so loud someone complains.

10. Forgiving the world and then making it better.


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