Sole Mandate Agreement South Africa


Choosing the right type of mandate for you depends on the particular situation surrounding the sale of real estate, but understanding what the benefits and risks associated with each can go a long way in making an informed decision. From a logistical point of view, an exclusive mandate will also take less time, since you will only have to work with an agent and take care of them, not with others. This simplifies the process because much less time is spent coordinating your schedule with different agents and their buyers. It`s also better from a security perspective, since only one agent has access to your property. This means that no other real estate agent can sell the property for the time set out in the exclusive mandate contract. A dual mandate allows two agents to market the property. In case of double mandate, the commission is not paid to the agent who receives the buyer. Instead, the two agents shared the commission. A single mandate allows your trusted agent to give maximum presence to your property.

It also means that all buyers are initiated into the home through a single interlocutor who understands your needs and acts in your best interest. An open mandate also allows the seller to eventually pay the double commission, as several agents can claim that they were the “actual cause” of the sale. Common mandate: in this case, the rights of sale of a property are entrusted to more than one broker with different agencies. If more than one broker markets the property, it is likely that the property is stronger in the market, which increases the chances of finding a suitable buyer more quickly. The commission paid for the sale of the property is distributed among the agents, regardless of the person who sells the property on the basis of the agreed terms of the mandate, which means that the seller does not have to bear any additional costs. While this type of mandate has remarkable advantages, it is important to ensure that the efforts of all relevant real estate agents are well coordinated and that there is good communication to offer the best chances of success. Our lawyers specialise in real estate law and can advise you legally on real estate matters in South Africa, including exclusive mandate contracts. Contact us to find out more. A single mandate is if a real estate agent has the exclusive right to sell your home within a set time frame.

If the property is sold, this agent is paid, regardless of the buyer`s owner.


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