Coloring Book Cards and a Giveaway – CLOSED

Coloring Book Cards and a Giveaway – CLOSED


Recently I reached one thousand sales in my etsy shop. As a celebration and thank you, I hosted a couple giveaways (a notebook and a garland) on my instagram account. I have one last giveaway to host HERE, a downloadable/printable pdf coloring book card page. 8 different 2.5×3.5″ coloring book cards are on one 8.5×11″ sized pdf.  They can trimmed down to be put into trading card page protectors for pocket letters to share with friends, used in scrapbooking or art journaling, or just printed out and colored in for fun.

The download will be available for free here through the rest of 2020 and after that it will be available for purchase in my etsy shop. This is for personal use only, and should not be reproduced in any way for commercial use.

Download the file by clicking on the following link  Robayre coloring book cards

A downloadable/printable PDF file is available for purchase in my etsy shop now. It is 10 pages, 2 versions with each design (one to be folded down like a zine) and 8 pages where each page has one design 8 times, if you like a specific design more than the others.

In the early 2000s between design jobs, I worked for a couple of years as a middle school aide, where my sole job was to run the study halls. Although I didn’t have an actual subject, I tried to keep the class very organized and structured. The students were expected to bring work with them, but this is middle school, so I always brought a few things to keep the occasional errant student occupied, including books, paper and art supplies. When I wasn’t helping students with multiplying fractions, or how to properly diagram a plant cell, I’d read or work in my own sketchbook. Sometimes I’d draw coloring book pages for students. I’d always remembered learning about coloring books while taking early education courses in high school and college, so I’d try and make them as open ended as possible for creative freedom and exploration.

Fast forward, a few years ago I started making these little coloring book cards to go in pocket letters I was sending to friends and family. This year, after sending a bunch of pocket letters, I realized I had enough to fit on one letter sized page. When I send out pocket letters I usually send a few, so the recipient can color them in. I will also keep a stack of them pre-cut on my desk so when I’m sending random mail or outgoing orders, I’ll add one or two for fun. I’d love to see what you do with them. Feel free to message me with how you’ve used them, or pictures of the colored in.


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