Preferential Trade Agreement In German


The EU is New Zealand`s second largest trading partner. In 2019, the volume of trade amounted to more than 9 billion euros. Agricultural products account for the largest share of New Zealand`s exports to the EU, while the EU mainly exports finished and industrial products to New Zealand. In 2019, Germany`s trade surplus with New Zealand amounted to 2.7 billion euros and EU companies accounted for more than 10 billion euros of foreign direct investment in New Zealand. In 2019, the volume of trade between the EU and Australia amounted to more than 53 billion euros, with a trade surplus of almost 18 billion euros for the EU. EU exports to Australia are mainly manufactured goods, while Australia exports mineral resources and agricultural products to Europe in particular. EU companies provide around 20 billion euros in commercial services to Australia and invest around 160 billion euros in that country. As a result, the EU is Australia`s third largest trading partner. In addition to trade in goods, the new agreements often address other aspects, including the protection of intellectual property rights, trade in services, investment, public procurement and technical regulations.

These are so-called “second generation agreements.” In addition to the EFTA agreement and the free trade agreement with the European Union, Switzerland currently has a network of 30 free trade agreements with 40 partners outside the EU and new agreements are being negotiated. The EU and Canada formally concluded negotiations on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in September 2014. Since September 2017, a large part of CETA has been applied on an interim basis. However, in order for the agreement to be fully implemented, all EU member states must ratify the agreement. The CDU/CSU and the SPD should respect the commitments set out in the coalition agreement and speed up the ratification of CETA. For the most part, goods delivered to Switzerland must be delivered directly to the destination country. This means that they cannot be marketed first in another country (third) before reaching the destination country. This would result in a loss of their original preferential status.

Mr. Altmaier: “By modernizing our trade agreement with Mexico, we are sending a strong message for free and fair world trade.” An approved exporter can issue original returns on the invoice in all agreements, regardless of the value of the shipment. These should not be signed by hand. The exporter must obtain the authorization of the relevant district customs office; this authorization is granted on the condition that the applicant guarantees that he is complying with the country of origin provisions and that he has submitted correct country of origin declarations in the past. For more information: SCA – Licensed exporters. The EU is accompanied by representatives from 13 non-EU countries. The first round of negotiations took place in Geneva in July 2014. After 17 rounds of negotiations, the agreement is expected to be concluded by the end of 2016.

For more information on the proposed agreement, please visit the European Commission`s website. Altmaier said: “The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement is an important signal for free and fair trade.” In 2019, bilateral trade between Germany and Vietnam amounted to about 14 billion euros. The stock of German direct investment in Vietnam amounted to about 840 million euros in 2017. More than 300 German companies are currently active in the Vietnamese market.


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