Dcww Build Over Agreement


I feel like I`m crying, it seems one thing at a time trying to get our extension sorted. So we lost our owner on Monday. I had already done the building control application, so this has tick-to-t along, now I`ve gotten more quotes from buildings and some might be ready to start in a few weeks, hooray! Today I received a letter from Thames Water saying that we are planning to build within 3 metres of a public sewer, so we have to ask for construction through the agreement. Realistically, it will take a few months to clarify. I have to get drawings of sewers and plans, but I`m really confused, like doing this, does anyone have any experience? Of course, you are without a contractor. Is he the architect? How do we determine where is actually going? The well is back and is 2.8m from the back of the building, where the expansion will begin (Sods Law). Do I sort this ASAP, but I`m stuck and our architect is not looking. If someone else had to do it, can you give some advice on what I`m going to do next? And why on earth did none of the owners who quoted our architect of the Eningeers ever take it back? It would have been much simpler if we had known from the beginning, instead of delaying everything. Is that unusual? Our fees cover the cost of your return — – if necessary – technical assistance — in relation to the control of the buildings or your certified inspector — – the issuance of your letter of agreement or agreement, and unless the owner or architect raised the well they did not know. I told my architect about it, as my father, an architect, had discovered it years ago. the builders wouldn`t believe me until I pushed them to open it and run some faucets, including my neighbors It took less than a week to sort it out too.

I would not be too upset, although I would not incrank any additional construction costs. If you want to know more, our detailed instructions are a good start. They will help you know if and what type of consent you need. You must then file either a construction declaration or a formal agreement request. We also had to apply at the last minute, but it didn`t stop starting work. although we had our builder for Thames water, provide the drawings and generally sort them. All we had to do was pay more than 300 euros! It lasted about a week. Contact your architect to see if they could help?the extra work included a fall on the sewer pipes, if you don`t have a builder yet, then there`s no real Rushhope you get sorted! Normally, we do not allow structures to be built above or near the water line. If you find one, it is important to contact us to discuss next steps on 0800 9172652. Thank you, sacbina, it`s reassuring.

I managed to talk to my architect, and she can make the drawings that are a relief. However, I am puzzled about the pipes – I had construction workers lifting the well, so they were well aware of the pipes.


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