Apple Developer Agreement We Are Unable To Process Your Request


It`s as annoying as your system status page says everything is working fine, although it obviously isn`t working: dear team, please help me. What could be the problem when it comes to the developer account, if I can get the agreement, it leads to an error. Apple really needs to allocate more budget to the developers of the itunesconnect system. I want to transfer an app from my Apple developer account to my business partner`s account. After sending the transfer request. When I click on my business partner`s account, the page says that we can`t process your request ( I`m experiencing the same problem. Has your problem been resolved? No, the issue has not been resolved yet. But I phoned Apple`s development support last night (GMT), they recorded the problem and started working on it. Question: Q: We can`t process your request – Account Activation Minus If I`m trying to access my apps from, I get one of the following options: Or is it related to the fact that the new Apple license agreement has not yet been accepted by my company? We have to connect to accept it.

( and when updating the “We cannot process your request” page. Have you checked that everything is fine in your account? My problem is the same. How can we effectively report it to applel so they can fix it quickly? I get this error over and over again when I try to enroll in the developer program, why is it so? Please tell me how to solve this, why it happens! The same thing here, I have a third-party soft for the electronic signature. When I uninstall it, it will work perfectly. Apple You should be friendlier, we can`t uninstall software we need because your web doesn`t like it. The same thing you try, it doesn`t work. You`re probably working on it. If not.

APPLE, GET TO WORK! We need to modify/download in other stuf! Did you use a newly created account to get the app transferred? Has anyone found a solution? Please share. Nothing works for me. I even tried to transfer another app from another account to another account, and I received the same error. It is also very urgent for me (I get the same problem trying to set up a podcast. I can`t sign in to iTunes Connect Store to download my RSS feed. We have tried with different browsers, but we are getting the same problem. Clear the iTunes Connect cache and reload it. Or use incognito mode. . It worked about two hours ago, as it still works.

on my work accounts only if I try to get Apple to send the confirmation code to my trusted device….


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