Agreement With Collective Nouns


I don`t know if this has already been mentioned or if it`s because I`m English, but the whole basis of the author`s claim is fundamentally wrong. You can`t just extract the word “one” from the sentence to which it is inseparable and call it the subject just because it suits you. As we know, topics can be more verbose. The topic is an example: “One in four people in the world” is the topic. You can`t just take the first word and call it prepositional the subject and the rest of the words. Could you write this sentence without “in four people around the world” and keep some sense of its meaning? No no. As there are not only four people in the world, one in four people represents a number greater than one, and therefore plural. Therefore, “are” should be used, not “is”. 2.

The Mock-Trial team was/was satisfied with its presentations to the judge. 4. Our employees meet Tuesday morning to discuss customer complaints…


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