Shopify Merchant Agreement


The Processor is Stripe, Inc., organized under California law, which is a technical service provider and can offer the services as an agent of one or more financial institutions in the United States (each a “financial services provider”). The processing and settlement of transactions (as defined below) (“payment processing”) is carried out by the subcontractor and one of the financial service providers as part of a separate band banking agreement, including the United States Stripe Services Agreement and applicable financial terms of service, and to the extent that you use a payment method subject to additional conditions, the terms of payment (all the “processor terms”). By accepting this Agreement, you also accept and agree to be bound by the terms of the legal agreement between you and the processor. For each referral dealer, the partner has the right to obtain a fee for the reference plan or bounty plan, but not both. If the Shopify partner presents a development store linked to the recommendation partner`s dashboard to a reference retailer, the partner is allowed to receive royalties in accordance with the reference plan. When a partner presents Shopify to a referenced dealer via the Recommendation Partner`s affiliate link, the partner is allowed to receive a fee in accordance with the Bounty plan. Whether the partner receives royalties for a reseller referenced under the reference plan or bounty plan is left to Shopify`s exclusive and absolute discretion. To learn more about the reference plan and the bonus plan, please visit The Zetya application is developed and made available by Zetya Pty Ltd (Zetya, us, ourselves and ours) for resellers (you and you and traders) who use the hosted shopify trading platform (the Shopify platform, which is available via and all associated websites) to sell products or services.

The Zetya app is a managed software service that is hosted in a cloud-style online environment in conjunction with the Shopify platform via an API and interacts directly with it. Shopify is a fully autonomous company in Zetya. Zetya has entered into a separate agreement (a partnership agreement) with Shopify to allow the distributor to use the Zetya application in combination with the dealer`s use of the Shopify platform. The commitments and commitments made by the parties prior to the termination date of this contract apply to all uses. Full agreement. These conditions, including all related directives and other documents, otherwise contain or are indicated here, constitute the entire agreement and replace all prior written or oral agreements made by the parties with respect to the purpose of this Agreement (including an earlier version of the Terms). If necessary, a fee is reserved here for the equipment pose: and here: (the “POS Equipment Fees”). At our discretion, THE equipment costs of the ISPs are collected on our behalf by the processor under the terms of implementation or by other means that we prescribe from time to time.


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