Sale Agreement Verification


“The date of ownership of an apartment is important for the buyer to transfer the apartment by the owner. This is the date on which the buyer must take possession of the premises and requires the developer to return the property until the date specified in the agreement. If possession is not granted before that date, the buyer has the right to sue,” said Anirudh Hariani, hariani and Company`s lawyer. There could be different keywords and phrases in the agreement that you would not have a clear idea of. Before signing, research on each of these conditions. In this way, you fully understand the agreement in which you engage. Before proceeding with the sale agreement, be sure to confirm the actual amenities available with the amenities mentioned in the agreement. If one of the amenities mentioned in the contract is not provided for in the building, it presents an infringement and the buyer can benefit from legal assistance. The deed of sale for each property is an important document to verify the creditworthiness of the property that is purchased. The status of the sale is verified at Assureal.

A penalty clause should be included in the sales contract, which clearly defines the milestones and penalties in the event of seller and buyer failure. Make sure the agreement has clearly listed the seller`s necessary personal data. The PAN number is an important detail to check. In addition, the address of the property must be clearly marked with the municipality and the administrative service to which it belongs. The “entity time” clause in an agreement sets out the contractual time frames the parties have to meet their obligations. Here are several aspects of the sales contract that you should consider while you enter into a deal on your own: “The clause that sets out the payment plan determines the total amount to be paid and the time in which it should be paid,” Hariani said. In cases where payment is made in increments, the payment plan gives details of each tranche. This will avoid any ambiguity that may arise in the future,” Hariani said. The contract must obtain full payment details from the buyer, including the mortgage, if applicable. The preparation of the sales contract is essential for any purchase or sale of real estate and is prepared and verified by the expert group. The termination clause defines the consequences that will be imposed on the parties in the event of a breach of the code of conduct that can be expected of them. The agreement may include either a “time termination clause” under which each party can terminate the agreement.

Mutual consent is required if changes are made to the final agreement. Oral communication has no legal status and must therefore be included in the agreement. For example, you just contacted a real estate agent in Delhi to discuss a property. Even if he gives you different offers during the discussion, it has no legal value, during the conclusion of the agreement, unless it is put on paper.


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