Opseu Collective Agreement Canadian Blood Services


Since then, the organization`s 35 centres across Canada have gone from a struggle to lure Canadians out of isolation to donate blood to a time overload due to a social media call for help. Until Monday morning, many workers in downtown Toronto had refused to draw blood without proper personal protective equipment, according to a potential donor and the union representing CBS staff. Canadian Blood Services (CBS), the non-profit organization that manages the Canadian Blood Bank with Hema-Qu├ębec, employs more than 700 nurses, screener and service officers who have been pushed to the front of this pandemic. “We can now focus on securing a first collective agreement that gives them a permanent voice in the workplace. Given their proven colability, I am very optimistic for the future,” said Thomas. The second strike between OPSEU and the provincial government lasted 54 days (March 13 to May 5) in 2002. Again, tensions between the leadership and the union were high. Although there was no bloody confrontation between the union and the government during the strike, there was a strong division between union members and management. Barrie (Oct 27, 2017) – 75 LifeLabs employees who work as laboratory technicians, technicians, assistants, phlebotomists (blood collectors) and support workers in Simcoe County have voted to join the Ontario Public Service Union (OPSEU/NUPGE). They work at 11 sites, including Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Stayner and CFB Borden. On March 7, 2006, approximately 9,100 faculties went on strike at Ontario`s 24 colleges.

[16] The faculty returned to work on March 27 after a 18-day strike. At the time, the full-time faculty had “an initial salary of about $32,000, an average salary of about $75,000 and a 16-year increase to the best wage levels in its collective agreement,” according to the union. The colleges proposed a package that would have increased salaries by 12.6% by the end of four years, bringing the maximum salary to about $94,000. The union had proposed 12% over 3 years. [17] On March 16, a senior CBS official told The Globe and Mail that delivery was “on the brink” because some blood products had a limited lifespan. As demand increases and tensions rise, as the risk of a pandemic weighs heavily on the health care sector, CBS staff across the country have become very concerned about the lack of security measures for both workers and donors, according to the workers` union.


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