Rebate Agreement In Ax 2012


Hello Parashar, How do I import discount agreements with Excel add on . I tried and there are only mistakes. This organization really indicates how the rebate agreement will be paid to the debitor. In reality, the actual payment of a discount or TMA type discount contract is no different. The customer form allows you to pay the customer with a credit or reduce a lender`s cheque (AP). The hierarchy of debtors is used to select the debtors to whom the trade compensation agreement refers. In this case, you process the discount for the final customer, Apple Store 1. We had the financial dimension error when we booked the credit for the discount. Note: In this case, we took Vendor as 1006 and the item as 0022. This means that every time an order is made for the Kreditor 1006, which accepts the item line as 0022, a discount of a certain percentage is granted, which must be defined in the lines. Choose either all customers or specific – this will be our beneficiary of the discount.

Transactions on good GL-REB-00001 will not be compensated by 04/02/2014. (Accounting currency: 133.32 – Reference currency: 0.00) and the fee account and discount account opened? If the contract is reserved and the discount does not need to be approved, the system reserves the limit according to the implementation of the merchandising event Allocation Agreement: amount per unit – The amount of the discount in the Value field is applied per unit purchased. 6. In the lines, click The Add button. Enter the value from 5 and the value to give 15. The value is given as 13. This means that if a purchase of section 0022 is made from quantity 5 to 15, a discount of 13 per unit is granted. The merchandising events of the trade compensation agreement do not affect the amount of the sale order account price corresponding to the amount of the rebate. In our case, there were 2 coins with the unit price 275 plus 550 user link to the worker with relationship button. This relationship will be used if you validate the trade agreement.

Once a trade allocation contract has a confirmed status, it can no longer be changed. You need to change it again to “Under development.” They work with the customer, for example. You agree with the customer that you would give a 15% discount on total sales if they bought goods for a total amount of more than one million. As a result, you establish a discount agreement.


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