Dish And Fox Reach Agreement


In a statement, the company said, “We appreciate the patience of our customers when we have worked on a long-term agreement that restores Fox networks and local broadcasters.” The agreement ensures that dish network viewers continue to have access to national and regional live fox coverage of major sporting events such as the Major League Baseball World Series, the NFL on FOX, the NBA, NHL, college football and basketball, as well as popular entertainment programs on FOX, such as Glee, House, and the Simpsons; Sons of Anarchy and It`s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX; and border wars and the impending major migrations on the National Geographic Channel. “Since July, Nexstar has been negotiating relentlessly and in good faith its attempt to secure a multi-year contract acceptable to both parties with DISH and offers DISH the same fair market conditions it offers to other major distributors with which it has entered into successful negotiations in 2019 and 2020,” Nexstar`s statement said. “I want to thank our DISH Network partners who have worked tirelessly to help us succeed,” said Mike Hopkins, President of Fox Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing. “This agreement offers a strategic partnership between Fox and DISH to provide dish subscribers with the best programming.” While Nexstar continues to hope that a solution can be found today, DISH does not want to reach an agreement with Nexstar, but Nexstar intends to actively inform consumers in the relevant markets on how to continue to receive their preferred network programming, detailed local news, other content and programs relevant to their communities and critical updates in case of emergency. “We are pleased to be able to announce that we have reached an agreement with Dish and Sling and that they are immediately restoring their subscribers to Fox networks and television channels,” Fox said in a statement. “We are grateful to our spectators for their patience during this disruption.” DISH Network L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ:DISH), is offering more than 14.3 million satellite TV customers with the highest quality programming and technology at the best price, including HD Free for Life, as of June 30, 2010. Subscribers benefit from most national hd channels, most local HD coverage in the U.S., the most international channels, and award-winning HD and DVR technology, including the ViP 922, the world`s only built-in Sling DVR, and PC Magazine`s Editor`s Choice. DISH Network is the first to satisfy all cable and satellite providers according to the results of the 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index survey for the largest cable and satellite television providers in the United States. DISH Network Corporation is included in the Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX) and is a Fortune 200 company. See you

“After lengthy negotiations to reach a fair agreement, we are pleased to reach a long-term agreement with Fox and to assure our customers that they can continue to use these channels,” said Dave Shull, Senior Vice President of Programming at DISH Network. “We thank our customers, retail and chain partners, and employees for their support through these negotiations, which we believe have resulted in a fair deal that strengthens dish Networks` position as the best TV value.” Fox59, like many other channels across the country, took its hearings when the deadline was imminent.


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