Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement


Subject to this reseller agreement, you can only identify yourself as a “reseller” as part of your product resale. You cannot use an Atlassian brand, logo or service mark (“Atlassian brands”) unless authorized by Atlassian`s guidelines. All the goodwill that comes from using Atlassian Marks benefits Atlassian. 4.2. Share of sales. Subject to this agreement, Atlassian will pay you the corresponding share of the turnover for the sale for each sale, except for the express agreement of Atlassian. These amounts exclude taxes and all fees or fees listed separately. A participation in the turnover is due only for sales for which Atlassian received the final payment by or on behalf of an end user. If an application is sold with a credit card to an end user, the final payment is deemed to have been made if the credit card company or the bank concerned has fully paid the payment for the corresponding purchase. Current Revenue Share pages are available in and can be edited from time to time by Atlassian.

Any change or update of revenue participation takes effect 30 days after notification. 12.7. You will have all the attributions, copyright information and other terms that may be necessary to provide end-users (z.B. as part of your final terms of use) based on your use of third-party “open-source” software or other third-party intellectual property rights in an application. In addition, you immediately provide Atlassian, end-users and others with the right to do so with the source code corresponding to an application or part of it if necessary and, as necessary, under the terms and conditions applicable to third parties. The use of content by Atlassian (under all types of provisions of this Agreement) does not subject them or will not lead to a violation of the open source terms or agreements of third parties or agreements concluded by third parties. This Atlassian Marketplace Partnership Agreement (this “agreement”) is a binding agreement between Atlassian Pty Ltd (ABN 53 102 443 916) (“Atlassian,” “us” or “we”) and the person or entity that registers as a provider or partner to the Atlassian Marketplace (“Marketplace Partner” or “You”). If you are a natural person who uses the Atlassian Marketplace on behalf of your company, organization or any other entity (z.B. as an employee), “you” means your entity, and you are binding for that agreement.

`AUP`, Atlassian`s acceptable use directive for The use of the Atlassian Marketplace is subject to these Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use, which constitute a legally binding agreement between you (defined in Section 1.1) and Atlassian Pty Ltd, an Australian company (ABN 53 102 443 916) (“Atlassian” or “us”). 5.1. Delivery of your content. You provide Marketplace apps to Atlassian or before the initial availability date you set for the Marketplace app (the initial availability date). With the delivery of each Marketplace app, you will also provide the following information and materials: (a) Marketplace app title, Initial Access Date, category, marketplace name, catalog price (if any), product description, symbol, logo or imagery, and any other information about Marketplace apps that Atlassian needs; (b) metadata, graphics, graphics, images, brands, trade names, logos and other descriptive information or identifiers that are connected to you or to a specific Marketplace app that you want to display in connection with your app; (c) your end-user terms and the privacy policy for end-users; and (d) in the case of cloud applications, a JSON descriptor (atlassian-connect.json) of the application (“JSON code”) ((a) (d), “Product Information” set).


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